About us

We are sueños Magazine, a magazine with more than 20 years aimed at helping girls organize their XV years in a simple way, our goal is to offer you only the best so that your celebration is a unique and unforgettable day.

Sueños magazine

Is the celebration of XV years approaching? Don't you know which is the best option to organize the party?

Remember that there are a lot of preparations and for everything to go perfectly you need to plan it With time, but don't worry, we can help you select only the best through our magazine.

What will you find in our magazine?

Party rooms

Choose the perfect space to hold your celebration.


Delight the palate of your guests with the finest dishes.


Find the ideal cake to give the sweet touch to the celebration.

Chairs & tables

The furniture is essential for the guests to be comfortable.


Everything must combine perfectly and the tablecloths are a great detail.


Luxury Vehicles to make your day "A Great Event".


Take the look of your dreams fully adapted to your style.


Look like a princess on your big day in a fabulous dress.


Choose the perfect combination to complement your beautiful look.

Photography & video

May the coexistence of family and friends be captured in the moment.

Photo booths

Magic is created by you and your loved ones in each smile and photo.

Giant letters

Choose the theme and pose in each photo to create unique memories.

Musical groups

Hire the best live music to set the mood for your celebration.


Professional and versatile service to live the party to the fullest.


And the invitations? Surely here you find where to print them.

Advantages of Dreams Magazine

Variety of services

The variety of services make Sueños Magazine the perfect Choice to find the best provider.

serious providers

You can be confident that the provider you choose will fulfill the service you have requested timely.

Events & Expos.

Dreams Quinceañeras Expo. It is done so that you can meet the best suppliers live.